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I’ve been keen to shoot the stars and I had some limited success with this but the moon coming up over the lake at Hatfield Forest was quite beautiful.

It’s amazingly quiet in the forest at this time of night…except for the roar of the jet engines and smell of aviation fuel that drifts across to you from a mile or so away – it was a surprisingly strong smell. It’s a smell I love though as it reminds me of holidays taken ion the Isle of Tresco when I was a young boy – we used to take the helicopter over from Penzance to St Mary’s and that smell of aviation fuel always meant that we were nearly there.


Online Prescriptions Valium

We visited Rowney Woods today, unfortunately it was incredibly grey and dull and the photos taken showed that all to well. So let’s step back to the 28th December of last year when we saw this sunset and moonrise as we left the woods.

Buy Valium Roche 10Mg

I finally got out and about today and drove across to Berners Roding and had a look at the semi-derelict church there that I have Buy Diazepam Online Eu. I took a walk across the fields to shoot the sunset which was OK, but nothing spectacular, I turned round to head back to the car and saw the below picture. In my opinion, far more interesting than the sunset.