This is a fairground ride on the South Bank in London

Some fun and games with a Sony Alpha 6000 that I have had in my hands for about 20 minutes. Totally different menu to the NEX7 so took me a while to get it to shoot at something like what I wanted. This is a bit of a test shot(s) that I took and pushed the ISO to 3200 becasue it was handheld…I won’t be doing that again ;-). A bit grainy but looks OK when cropped down from its original 7 shot 16,615 x 4,559 px pano.

Why is it so hard just to trundle the trolley back to the trolley collection area, it would take just 30 seconds. Now, to be fair, at least this one is in the hatched area, it really, really irritates me when they are abandoned in one of the bays, usually the only free bay…now that, as Monty Python would say, “Makes me Maaaad”!

Moan over 😉

Heading back from camera club and no photo in the bag…I balanced the camera on the steering wheel (just my little Sony NEX7) and clicked away…this is a composite of two shots so you get the speedometer in view as well as the streaking lights. I particularly like the fact that one of the clear numbers in the speedometer is 120, although my little Audi A1 would probably struggle to hit that lofty speed!

No laws were broken in the making of this photograph 😉

We had a good walk around London during the early hours taking in Brick Lane and much of the City before heading back to Tower Bridge.

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After spending an hour or so on the North side of the Thames overlooking the Shard we crossed to the South side and walked down towards Tower Bridge…we’d be seeing a fair bit of Tower Bridge over the next 14 hours.

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So, it’s a bit foggy, it’ll be fine, you don’t need to see that well!

Could, of course, be a Close Encounter…

Despite living in the middle of Essex it is quite surprising just how much of the sky and the stars you can actually photograph. This shot was taken during the Bishops Stortford Camera Clubs studio evening. It was really busy inside so a few of us braved the cold and gathered on the edge of the cricket pitch to do a bit of light painting, light trails and sky shots. Bear in mind this is on the Herts Essex border and the planes fly past to land at Stansted Airport just a few miles down the road – dark skies they are not 😉

Wandering around Dunmow on a cold evening looking for shots, I thought the various lights in town would make a slightly different shot of the High Street, turning them into out of focus bokeh.

We had an early finish at camera club tonight so I stopped off at Hatfield Forest to photograph the stars…but the cloud was racing in so I was glad I had my torch in the car and set about doing some light painting.

When you see the experts doing this they always have their laptop tethered to the camera and can really see what they are doing…this is an advantage 😉

Apparently, this is a site for all sorts of nefarious carrying ons at night, it was way too cold for that sort of thing tonight!