Tool a quick sprint down to Pin Mill on the River Orwell at lunchtime and took this shot of the Betula. The tide was in, and when the tide is in, there’s actually not much coastline to get at…still a lovely spot.

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194/366 The Holy Trinity

OK – this is a bit of a show off post, I admit it.

I have 4 full frame lenses, the 3 shown here and the lens that took the photograph. I am in need of the 70 – 200 f2.8 lens…but that won’t appear until well into next year…if I’m very, very lucky!

So, on show are the 14 -24mm f2.8, which is ridiculously wide! The 24-70mm which is just a lovely piece of glass and the 50mm f1.4 which is the cheapest lens here, but completely my favourite…isn’t that always the way. The lens taking the picture is my 105mm f2.8 macro which I have had for a year or so and is only just pipped in my affections by the 50mm.

The Holy Trinity


184/366 My Mate Dave

It’s been an exciting day at Seton Towers today with the arrival this morning of my new Nikon D800. I immediately dug out the battery and charger and set it charging so I could use it at lunchtime.

With the battery charged I just needed a subject – drizzle outside and a flat grey sky wasn’t too appealing so the chap who sits next to me at work became the guinea pig. I popped the battery into the camera, attached my 50mm f1.4 and took the shot….hummm, why does it have “demo” showing on the picture…oh bugger, forgot to put the memory card in!

So, this is picture number two taken with the new D800 – I was delighted – I’m not a portrait photographer and I had no idea how to set the camera properly and I still got this shot.

A number of people commented it must be a good camera to get such a shot…. 😉

My Mate Dave


116/366 I Am…Dishwasher

To paraphrase Nikon 😉

We have an agreement at home, whoever cooks doesn’t have to wash-up. I’ve cooked about twice in the last 10 years…not because I can’t, I can quite adequately, but it’s nowhere near as good as my wife’s cooking, so I get to wash up every evening.

I enjoy, much to the concern of my wife, creating towers of clean washing, this was tonights 😉

I am....Dishwasher

On the recent London Photowalk we visited the Shad Thames area which is instantly recognisable, even now, as the warehouse area featured in The Doctor Who series Resurrection of the Daleks in 1984.

If you venture off the main cobbled street you’ll find squares formed by the restored warehousing and flats. In one of these squares we came across an interesting fountain which had “sculptures” of various items set around it including this Nikon camera. It was with some amusement we heard a Canon user muttering that “…it should have been a Canon”.

So I invested in a very nice new Macro lens this week – 105mm f2.8 Nikon lens so you’re going to see a few of these over the weeks to come 😉

This is a hoverfly in the back garden in Great Dunmow – my macro technique needs perfecting, but we’ll get there!

Hoverfly on Lavender