North Street

We had the most enormous thunderstorm this afternoon – the rain absolutely hammered down…it did cool the atmosphere down as it had been extremely muggy before the storm.

Something simple today after quite a few busy HDR and macro shots. A silhouette of some of the houses on my street with the moon coming up behind them.


Post Box

Post Box

This post box is just down the road from where I live on North Street in Great Dunmow, Essex.

Our one shot challenge for our City & Guilds course this week is “Down My Street”…I set it and am now struggling to come up with something interesting (although I do have a possible plan ;-)). So I popped out tonight and grabbed this shot. Unusually for me there is a human in the shot ;-). I was recently asked why there was never any people in my shots and whilst I do occasionally photograph people it is pretty unusual to have them in my more landscapey shots…so apologies for the young lady who got caught tonight!

If you would like a print of this picture you can get one here –


The Dunmow Carnival

The Dunmow Carnival chugs past our house every year…this year “chug” was the operative word as this tractor made it’s way up towards Dunmow High Street

A tractor struggles up North Street in Great Dunmow


114/366 One Wet Road

It has rained, pretty much, all day today. We’ve had so little rain this last year it seems churlish to complain, nonetheless it doesn’t help taking a photo a day.

For today I’d tried a few things I wasn’t happy with and, as it was a quarter to midnight I stepped outside our front door and took this…

One Wet Road


067/366 Out the window tonight…

This, I guess, is the second in the series of shots out of our landing window – you can see the first photograph here. This wasn’t intended to be a theme…but you never know.

This is an HDR, I was attempting to control the exposure of the moon but in the end I converted it to black and white and decided the blown out moon was more in-tune with what I was trying to create.

You will notice the window still needs a good clean;-)

Out the window tonight


041/366 Out my window

This is the view we have out of our landing window across North Street in Great Dunmow. It’s a view we don’t see often because we live on a main road so we have net curtains up. You’ll gather it snowed again last night.

I had to spend ages removing all the muck from the window that was showing up on the original – the windows have been painted shut (accidentally) and in this cold weather I wasn’t going to bother to try and force them open!

The view out my window over North Street in Great Dunmow