Playing with some office fittings this evening…any ideas what it is?

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This is one of those pictures that exists just to keep you in the 365 game, it’s sole purpose is a placeholder to keep me going.


184/366 My Mate Dave

It’s been an exciting day at Seton Towers today with the arrival this morning of my new Nikon D800. I immediately dug out the battery and charger and set it charging so I could use it at lunchtime.

With the battery charged I just needed a subject – drizzle outside and a flat grey sky wasn’t too appealing so the chap who sits next to me at work became the guinea pig. I popped the battery into the camera, attached my 50mm f1.4 and took the shot….hummm, why does it have “demo” showing on the picture…oh bugger, forgot to put the memory card in!

So, this is picture number two taken with the new D800 – I was delighted – I’m not a portrait photographer and I had no idea how to set the camera properly and I still got this shot.

A number of people commented it must be a good camera to get such a shot…. 😉

My Mate Dave


032/366 Out the office window

Walking to the kitchen to get a cup of coffee this afternoon I noticed this view out of a pretty narrow window that I’d not looked out of before. As one of the aims of my 366 project is to get better at using my Samsung Galaxy SII’s camera I whiped it out and caught this.

Out the office window