oil seed rape

It was a beautiful morning in Great Dunmow today, just after sunrise with the mist still lingering across the fields viewed from the top of Beaumonts Lane…lovely start to the day.

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I wasn’t expecting the quite thick mist that greeted me this morning, but it was a mild morning and spring certainly feels like it’s in the air…the oil seed rape is already flowering and there is an abundance of blossom around Great Dunmow at the moment…

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If you look back far enough you’ll find a similar picture to this back in my archives…except there was no oil seed rape in the previous version.

Captured today on a walk through Rickling Green and the Quendon Estate in Essex.


Looking a bit yellow…Oil Seed at Rowney Woods

Rowney Woods is currently surrounded by a large amount of oil seed rape (known as canola in the US which seems a much better name for it). This is the field where we saw all the deer last Autumn. There could be a herd in here now and you would have no idea 😉

Oil Seed at Rowney Woods



If you’ve followed this blog for any length of time you’ll know that we do enjoy Rowney Woods up in Wimbish.

Today was our first visit for a few weeks, mainly due to the dreadful weather, but one thing has certianly come out of all the rain we have had – growth and renewal. All around the area the oil seed rape is flourishing.



126/366 Oil Seed Rape at Rowney Woods

The weather slightly improved today – at least it was dry – and we took a walk around Rowney Woods. One thing all the rain we have been having has done is encourage a huge burst of growth in all the plant life. It was only a few weeks ago that we were watching deer roam across these apparently bare fields.

Oil Seed Rape at Rowney Woods


Sunset’s Behind You

I liked what the sunset did to the clouds here, despite the fact that the sunset was happening behind me.

Sunset's Behind You