I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…”I’m an Idiot!”

For the second time in so many months I have gone out with my camera, happily clicked away, got it home and found…no SD card in the camera = No pictures. Of course, I didn’t discover this until 11.00pm…out with the macro lens and the lamp…what have we in the house that’s new (and therefore unlikely to have been photographed before)…bingo – vitamin pills…perfect…off to bed now!

Sunrise was one of those straight yellow/orange glow affairs due to the lack of any clouds in the sky this morning, so I turned 180° and photographed this pill box and the glowing sky behind me which looked a lot more interesting. Now, I have photographed this particular Pill Box (just behind the new Graveyard at the rear of Dunmow Church), but I’ve never had a strong enough photograph to publish…is it strong enough today…possibly not…but it’s the best I have 😉 and sometimes, that’s good enough.

I have no idea how this leaf managed to get itself stuck to the trunk of this tree, but I am grateful that it did as you don’t often see a leaf that is orange, yellow and green all at once.

Rooting around in the Pot Pourri bowl I found these old, dried orange slices and got to work with a lamp, a torch and a macro lens to come up with this. I desaturated the pith to give it that red colour.


350/366 I Love You!

My parents have had a number of English Setters over the years, this is their latest, Milly, who is the softest, best tempered dog I have ever come across. Nothing makes her happier than a good stroke.

I Love You


344/365 Fruit Salad and Cream

I wasn’t going to publish this as my one a day picture…I had a nice Christmas Tree shot for you, or so I thought. Sadly I had neglected to focus the camera when taking the picture…and got a whole bunch of out of focus (and not in a good way) shots of the tree, so that will have to follow.

I wanted to take this shot, which I have seen done before elsewhere (without the cream) and thought it looked reasonably straight forward…I hadn’t figured on how tricky it was going to be getting a proper shape going…so I didn’t! Anyway, you have (from the bottom) a lime, lemon, orange, apple, lemon & apple layer with a liberal dousing of “cream” (it’s that Elmlea stuff)

Still, I quite like the final picture.

Fruit Salad and Cream


119/366 Dried Orange

It may look like an old biscuit, but this is, in fact, a dried orange.

Dried Orange