Orwell Bridge

All things Orwell…the bad weather certainly didn’t reach Suffolk today!

It’s a big bridge and standing under it makes you feel really small…I’ve taken it’s photograph a few times, this one definitely shows its power. Should we be worried about the gap in the middle?

Tuesday found me mooching around Woolverstone Marina…there’s some money here, let me tell you! A wide range of boats from modest yachts all the way up to very impressive cruisers that must have cost a fair penny. I was kind of surprised (but grateful) that I could just wander down onto the Marina and photograph as I pleased.

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I still haven’t got the shot I want of this bridge, but I was quite happy with this one. I may need to go and work on the processing a bit more…

This photograph cost me a lot of money!

The aim of todays shot was a long exposure to get lots of streaky clouds…but I couldn’t get a long enough shutter speed even with my 10 stop ND filter…so I’ve bought a 16 stop ND filter to go with it – one of those new Hitech Firebrand ones everyone is raving about.

Visit again soon for my next excuse to buy more gear!

After yesterday’s disappointing picture I was a lot happier with todays effort.

I enjoyed the three swans heading in one direction with the four Canada Geese heading in the opposite direction appearing to be the only traffic heading under the bridge…of course, this is the main river channel into Ipswich, so actually there had been a few boats sailing under the bridge while I was there.