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Some fun and games with a Sony Alpha 6000 that I have had in my hands for about 20 minutes. Totally different menu to the NEX7 so took me a while to get it to shoot at something like what I wanted. This is a bit of a test shot(s) that I took and pushed the ISO to 3200 becasue it was handheld…I won’t be doing that again ;-). A bit grainy but looks OK when cropped down from its original 7 shot 16,615 x 4,559 px pano.

This week I am working in London Olympia at the UK Security Expo, as such, opportunities to grab a shot are reasonably limited, so here’s a mobile phone pano of the stand and our next door neighbours just before the doors opened on what turned out to be a huge success for us.

I’m in London for a few days working and add a spare hour after dinner to jump on a tube and pop down to Knightbridge and Harrods. This is a quick pano showing the whole store…the problem is, unless you can get into/onto one of the buildings opposite this is the only angle you can get where you show the iconic Harrods logo…which means you can’t really see the Christmas windows and themes.

The trees completely dwarf the church – 9 shot pano – 3 shots wide, 3 shots high

It’s Saturday so it’s time for a panorama. Today it is of Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow, Essex at sunset. This is an HDR image made up of 5 HDR images, each made from 5 original images, so 25 images in all (5 per portion). All stitched together in Kolor AutoPano 4.2 and then fiddled with in Lightroom and Photoshop. If you were to print it out at 100% you would need a pretty specialist printer as it would be 68 by 28 inches or 172 x 72 cm. You’d need a pretty large wall to hang it on as well 😉

Who said size doesn’t matter?