Today’s search area, the kitchen…victim, the pepper grinder

Rooting around in the cupboards for something to photograph I found some old chillies, some chilli flakes, some cayenne pepper and some piemento. That’s enough to spice up anyones life!


313/366 Chilli Pepper

More desk top photography – we’ve nearly had a week of it now…today I had a rummage around in the fridge and found this green chilli that was trying to turn a little red.

Chilli Pepper


247/366 The Seeds Cling On

I had no idea what I was going to photograph tonight. I took some shots of the cat, some shots of a dirty frying pan, the stars and the moon. Nothing was working so I decided to do the washing up and see if I could come up with anything then.

I was collecting up the veg peels and cuttings to put in the recycling when I spotted this cut up and discarded red pepper and knew immediately this was what I would be shooting tonight ­čśë

The Seeds Cling On


Finding subjects to photograph can be as easy as looking in the bin! This was some of ┬áthe discarded parts of the red peppers we had in our stir fry tonight – close up the seeds have a great texture.


059/366 Grinding Pepper

I noticed that my wife had been using the pestle and mortar today so took the opportunity to take a picture of it with some ground pepper in it.

Grinding Pepper - Pestle and Mortar