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Since I finished my 365 project (a new photograph made every day) I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking – I think of something to photograph and then carry on sitting watching the telly or come up with some other excuse why I shouldn’t go and make that new picture. So I’m considering starting another 365 project…

This shot was for our City and Guilds One shot challenge which was, as the title suggestedย  “Pointy or Curved”. I couldn’t figure out what to take and got the idea for this shot from a shot in my last 365 project.

You can Valium By Mail Order.

Another shot from the sledging that was going on in Great Dunmow yesterday.


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One for next years Christmas cards (although it does remind me rather of a Dalek!)…

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Camera Club finished for Christmas last week but a few of us gathered in Spellbrook to take some light trail pictures. Well, OK, we went to the pub as well ๐Ÿ˜‰ I liked this one because the lights make the T of the T-Junction…if that makes any sense ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Buy Diazepam Online Usa

This is the lesser spotted Badger. I am rarely allowed to approach him, let alone photograph him. He is definitely my wife’s cat and has as little to do with me as he can. Here he is waiting for his mother to come upstairs to bed, peeping through the banisters and tinsel.

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The flowers I bought last week from Tesco’s are still going strong so I did some macro work on them. It was only after I had loaded these into the computer when I noticed the way the water droplet on this flower reflected the overhead light giving a sun like sparkle to the centre of the flower.

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Not much to say about tonights shot…it’s nail varnish…’nuff said ๐Ÿ˜‰

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I wasn’t intending this to become a series of pictures featuring the colour red…but this is the third shot in 3 days. This shot is also significant (to me anyway) as it means I have caught up with my publishing of my 366 shots. I have been shooting everyday but the publishing had fallen behind, mainly because of our weeks holiday where I was shooting as normal, but didn’t have any computer with me to process the images.

So, back home now and caught up – though I do have hundreds of images still waiting to be processed ๐Ÿ˜‰

Today’s picture is of some leaves I found tonight in the back garden.

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Ordering Valium Online Legal

Sunday started reasonably early for me as I had to complete my second assignment for the marketing diploma I’m currently taking. I wanted to spend the whole day at it so made sure I got out early to capture the days photograph.

It was a glorious, warm, autumn morning with just a hint of mist rising off the Chelmer and some lovely colours in the trees and bushes.

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