This was literally the only photograph I took today…no one said they were all going to be winners πŸ˜‰ At least I got a Christmas theme in!

Tuesday is always a tricky day for my daily photograph, and I seem to be taking it later and later every day. So this was taken in the car…obviously, and I thought the curling cord on the floor made an interesting counter-point…now I look at it…perhaps not!

Not to worry…so, who remembers their first car – back in the 80’s my first car was a Mini Metro – DWY88Y – ridiculous that I can still remember it’s registration number – I couldn’t tell you the registration number of the car I had (for over 10 years) before my current one…funny what sticks in the memory…anyhow, my Mini Metro had 4 gears and, after flying over the Leeds Outer Ring Road with 4 passengers, at least one bolt less than it should have in its suspension. It transported band gear around with ease,Β including a full set of drums, which was handy. It ended its days (or so I thought) scrapped at Otley Scrap Yard…but was seen just a few weeks later zipping around with a new owner…I was slightly miffed as I only got Β£30 for it!

Oops – just noticed I hadn’t added the image for this post…added now!

It’s a big bridge and standing under it makes you feel really small…I’ve taken it’s photograph a few times, this one definitely shows its power. Should we be worried about the gap in the middle?

Following on from my previous forks and shadows photograph I thought I’d have a go a spoons this time. Not as interesting as the forks shot, but I enjoy the simplicity of these pictures.

I popped out to the local Co-Op to pick some provisions up. I was surprised by the number of cats that were around – here’s a couple of them, in the order I saw them.

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Another macro from the garden – plenty going on out there at the moment.

I had a job interview in Suffolk today so took advantage and drove up the coast to Sizewell to have a look at the Nuclear Power Station there.

I spent a lot of my youth listening to various punk bands rail against nuclear power and, particularly Sizewell B, which was being built in the mid 80’s,Β so it was very interesting for me to visit, and I’m glad I did. It’s a bit of a photographers dream the area, you have the nuclear power plants (Sizewell A and Sizewell B), you have the sea, you have a couple of, on first glance, oil rigs close in, lots of rare plants and then various fishing boats and winding paraphernalia to photograph.

The weather wasn’t the best today…but that helped – the dark clouds giving a more oppressive feeling to the area…and it only rained Β little on me, which is always good.

Todays main picture is a long exposure of these two off-shore platforms looking away from the power station.

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Heading back from camera club I popped into the supermarket to see if they had anything of interest to photograph – these pears were on the reduced section…as a Yorkshireman I felt honor bound to buy them πŸ˜‰ Damn tasty too!

Having spent ages photographing all sorts of things this evening, but not actually liking anything, I noticed that the clouds were scudding past the moon giving it an interesting appearance, I’m not sure I caught what I saw, but it’s certainly better than the other stuff I shot πŸ˜‰

Jungle Jo visited Bishops Stortford Camera Club this last week and brought along a selection of her weird and wonderful creatures, stick insects, scorpions, snakes, tarantulas, big hairy spiders and this fella!