photography course

Looking for perspective shots for my current photography course I looked up during our walk around Rowney Woods and saw what I thought were lots of birds nests in the tree. On closer inspection they were actually dead leaves that had been trapped in twigs that were growing vertically on the side of the trunk.

I toned this black and white image (with a blue colour to the highlights) to emphasis the cold nature of the day.

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268/366 Our Tutor

Today was the start of my City and Guilds Level 2 photography course. Over the next 2 years I’ll be spending most Monday evenings with this gentleman. I don’t think this shot will win any prizes, actually it’s not even vaguely sharp, however, it was the first of what will be many photographs I will no doubt take in this class. Having seen the standard of some of the past students work I’m hopeful that my photography will improve substantially over the next couple of years.