I’m doing a photography course all about composition, the first subject was “Lines”

I don’t think this was quite what they had in mind.

(no flour was harmed or snorted in the making of this photograph 😉 )

Having watched Game of Thrones (Sky +) I suddenly realised it was 11.30pm and no photo completed so I raided debbies knitting pots and got these very nice wooden knitting needles…she’s got quite a collection – perfect for a bit of macro photography.

It’s been a quiet day on the photography front so it has come down to a battle between one of our cats and a work in progress…so I picked the work in progress if, for no other reason than my wife has had another order for one of these pieces that become a very attractive cowl when finished…she now has a short waiting list!

The crocus are springing up all over the garden now. I isolated this flower, gave it a clean white background and then applied the oil paint filter in photoshop to give it that nice texture. I’m going to use this to create mothers day cards for my mother and mother in law…hopefully they’ll like them.

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The 365 this time round really doesn’t feel like its got off the ground just yet. A combination of being mega busy at work and quite dreadful weather has kept me indoors too much. As such I’m limited to table photography much of the time…I have plenty of subjects available but it’s not the sort of photography that gets me very excited. Not to worry…things can only get better!

Today we had Sockeye Salmon for our dinner…it was lovely!


352/366 Chris Hillman

This gentleman is our tutor on our City and Guilds Level 2 Photography course in Chelmsford. As you will gather, this evening we have been learning lighting for portraiture photography, with an emphasis on the correct focal length to use. This was shot at 70mm, ideally I should have had my 70-200mm lens with me so I could have gone to somewhere around 100mm. This was processed using Portrait Professional which is an excellent piece of software.

Chris Hillman

You can see v1 on my 365 project page. This is an ex bud on my wifes Moth Orchid that has dried out and turned all papery. I love the stem that looks just like a dried up umbilical cord to me…or is that just weird 😉

The image itself is made up of 5 shots all stacked on top of each other to get more of the bud in focus. It was taken with my Nikon 105mm macro lens and was lit by our standard hanging ceiling light.

This is a stacked macro made up of 10 shots of a lily. You really see so much more detail in these macro shots than you do just looking with your bare eyes.


Lock and moored long boats on the River Stort at Roydon

Continuing my walk down the River Stort at Roydon I came across this lock with a number of long boats lined up.

  Lock and long boats on the River Stort

Street Photography is a particularly popular form of photography these days, especially for owners of the micro four thirds cameras, or so it would seem. It’s not a form of photography that I have had a great deal of success, mainly because I don’t like shoving my lens into an unsuspecting victims face. In truth, and dependent on whether you take the clandestine long lens approach or the, much more decent, asking permission approach I find the whole talking to/engaging with strangers difficult. It’s something I know I have to work on if I am to improve this form of my photography.

These security people were chatting with some of the London Photowalk group.