When I showed my wife my original picture for today she said, and I quote, “You’re not publishing that are you?” It wasn’t this photograph nor was it rude – just a bit weird. So anyway I made this instead… ‘cos this isn’t weird at all 😉

We’ve recently had a couple of demonstrations on the use of off camera flash at Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club over the last few weeks…something I am not very good at. So I spent an hour or so messing around with a flash and got some OK shots of a teddy bear and some selfies. Mix them together in photoshop and et voila…

I’ve messed about in Photoshop over the years, although my go to application is Lightroom for 90% of the time. I’ve been doing a rather excellent course “Photoshop Artistry – Fine Art Grunge Composition Course!” – not much of a mouthful – that I have both really enjoyed and also found rather inspiring.

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Poured down all day here…so time for a selfy 😉

Today we tried to come up with something a bit different for some of my wifes knitted shawls and scarves, effectively replacing the background. Not entirely successful but a good piece of learning.

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Looking down into the sea at Manningtree from the top of these stairs did not look anything like this…I think browny grey would be a better description of the colour. It’s amazing what you can do with a bit of photoshop – it now looks like the pool that the baby was in on the Nirvana album cover.

We had a walk in West Wood just outside Thaxted  this afternoon. The original shot was OK but lacked a proper subject so…who could resist a steel rhino?

A nice, simple shot for today – apple straight from the fruit bowl with a texture applied in photoshop.

At Camera Club tonight it was the Chairman’s evening and Emma had invited a chap who takes part in historical reenactment events, specifically the middle ages…and he arrived with full suits of armour, swords, axes and all sorts of other wonderful bits and pieces.

The club strobe lights were out and there was lots to photograph…so I spent the evening chatting with other members…and suddenly realised I hadn’t got any shots!

I dashed around and grabbed a few shots of armour. When I got home I wasn’t hugely impressed with what I had so decided to spend some time in photoshop to see what I could come up with…and here we have it!

This is a composite made up of around 7 different shots – the helmet and chain armour were from this evening, all the other images are mine from previous shoots.

The overriding message I took home from the evening is – it’s damn hot work wearing suits of armour!

…we were certainly surprised 😉

I know the sun had come out…but really!

Why? I have no idea!

It would be quite useful though – during a power cut you could cook your egg while you light your room…I could be onto something here!