A quick one before bed of (part of) a picture on our landing wall…in case you weren’t able to work it out 😉

I had to go to the Post Office this afternoon and got this grab shot on the way.

I had this picture in mind, but it was going to be a shot of the wall and windows further to the left…but the Doves (which I have never seen here before) were sat in the perfect spot…and then the lady opened her window…

I suspect she thought it rather odd a bloke taking a picture of her wall, but she didn’t say anything…

Continuing on my Blackpool odessy we have another shot, this time showing the full North Pier at Blackpool along with the Blackpool Tower. This started off as a wide panorama…but It was a bit dull so I changed it into a Little Planet as you see here, which I like much more.


354/366 The Ghost

I’ve been playing with fire today…well, smoke. As usual this wasn’t what I was going for but enjoyed making it nonetheless. He’s a little pot bellied fella with a gaping mouth!

The Ghost


340/366 Out the Bathroom Window – First Snow of Winter

We were surprised, as I think everyone was, to wake up this morning and find the world was white. No indication had been given the night before on the forecast that this was on the way, still, it meant I won’t be scrabbling around at 11.45pm tonight trying to work out what to take for today’s photograph.

Out The Bathroom Window - Snow


328/366 A tasty bit of cheese

I like a nice bit of cheese. I’ve currently got some Castello Blue cheese…a sort of Blue Brie if you will. Now I know a lot of you will be furiously tutting that it’s not a nice piece of Wensleydale, or proper Blue Stilton…but for an everyday cheese it does a job, a good job to be fair. Now, with all that said, it’s quite an eye opener when you have a look at a fresh piece of (any) blue cheese close up and find that it’s a bit furry 😉

Castello Blue Cheese


309/366 – 4 Shades of Red

Our next City and Guild photography lesson is tomorrow. We had the subject of red for our one shot challenge. Over the last fortnight I’ve photographed quite a number of different items that fulfill that criteria and not least this evening. My plan was just to photograph one of my wife’s lipstick’s…this is what she actually gave me…

4 Shades of Red

I have no idea which picture I’m going to go with tomorrow.


287/366 Autumn’s Coming – The Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk 2012

Back in 2010 I went on my first photowalk which was the Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk around Bishop’s Stortford. Since then I have been on umpteen walks but I can count the good shots on 1 hand. Don’t get me wrong – I really enjoy these photowalks…and that’s the problem – dash off a few shots and spend the rest of the time chatting tends not to be the best way to get great shots…but is very enjoyable nonetheless 😉

Autumn's Coming


255/366 Daily Photograph

I suspect this has been done a million times before…but anyway, here’s my take on the daily photograph!

Daily Photograph


203/366 The Web of Fear

I went out today with all 3 extension rings attached to my camera and the 105mm macro lens to go for really small stuff. Whilst this spider isn’t particularly small I was looking to capture the web, more than the actual spider and I was delighted with the results.

The title – The Web of Fear – was actually an old Doctor Who story featuring the Yeti’s – this is the very earliest recollection I have of Doctor Who (either this or it’s predecessor series – The Abominable Snowman), Sadly I can’t see these episodes again as it is one of the series that was destroyed by the BBC back in the 70’s because the film took up too much storage space – perhaps a salutatory lesson to all photographers today – storage is cheap – do you really want to ditch those pictures?

You see how I got back to photography eventually? 😉

The Web of Fear