Well…nearly 😉

I was returning my hire car to the Hire Car Village at Stansted Airport and I thought I’d see what I could photograph whilst I was there. Now, I know that Stansted Airport is on private land so normal laws don’t necessarily apply, including laws on photographing stuff. I took this photo, thought, that’s rubbish and watched as a Police car zoomed up to me…the Copper jumped out and marched across to me. He was exceptionally polite and asked me what I was doing…it twigged immediately that this is a busy London airport and they would be bound to be sensitive of random people taking photographs of random stuff. I explained what I was up to, the policeman took a look at my pictures and, satisfied I was not about to blow the place up left me to it.

Throughout this I was immensely embarrassed that I was having to explain why I was taking this rubbish picture!