358/366 Tree Reflection

We haven’t been out to Rowney Woods for ages so nipped out this afternoon before the rain returns again tomorrow. The woods were very wet and very grey so a black and white photograph was always going to be the order of the day, and so adding a reflection in a puddle also seemed sensible.

Tree Reflection


113/366 Reflections of St Mary’s, Dunmow

The weather continues to be unsettled, but I thought I’d embrace it today and get out and shoot reflections today with just my f1.8 35mm. It had been driving rain not an hour before I got out and yet the roads were dry and there wasn’t a puddle to be found.

I took a good walk around Dunmow and eventually found what I was looking for at the local parish church. It started to throw it down again almost immediately after I’d taken this 😉

Reflections of St Mary's Church Dunmow