If you like your music live…and punk…then you could do a lot worse than getting down to Blackpool, August 3rd, for a long weekend of live punk, ska and lots of other musical stuff. My brother and I go every year and have done (with the odd year off here and there) since it was held in Morecambe and was called “Holidays In The Sun” This is it’s 21st year!

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I’ve always had a passion for music, starting in my youth, as a Rude Boy and, when The Specials split up, becoming a punk rocker. Most people did it the other way round. I have a large collection of music and add to that all the time. I’ve never had a problem in trying different things, as a boy I used to buy records based on the label they were on when I had never heard the band before – some you win, some you lose.

I used to have books filled with my own charts, for some reason I quite clearly remember The Ruts’ Babylon Is Burning as my Number 1 for 1 week…The Damned’s Friday 13th EP was another I can remember hitting that top spot…I may even still have this book somewhere, perhaps I should dig it out…

So, this year has been a good year for new albums, probably helped by the volume of driving I have done for work allowing me plenty of time to listen to new stuff. So, without further ado – here are numbers 20 – 15;

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I had a job interview in Suffolk today so took advantage and drove up the coast to Sizewell to have a look at the Nuclear Power Station there.

I spent a lot of my youth listening to various punk bands rail against nuclear power and, particularly Sizewell B, which was being built in the mid 80’s, so it was very interesting for me to visit, and I’m glad I did. It’s a bit of a photographers dream the area, you have the nuclear power plants (Sizewell A and Sizewell B), you have the sea, you have a couple of, on first glance, oil rigs close in, lots of rare plants and then various fishing boats and winding paraphernalia to photograph.

The weather wasn’t the best today…but that helped – the dark clouds giving a more oppressive feeling to the area…and it only rained  little on me, which is always good.

Todays main picture is a long exposure of these two off-shore platforms looking away from the power station.

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…the takeover!

We had to do a “repetition” shot for our one shot challenge on the City and Guilds course I’m doing at the moment. This wasn’t the sort of repetition the course leader had in mind, but I’d had this shot in my mind for a while and I really enjoyed shooting it.

I only have 1 rubber duck (kindly donated one Christmas by my brother), so I took about 70 shots of the duck in different positions and then merged all those shots in photoshop.