This was a bit odd as it didn’t appear to be raining anywhere, indeed there were very few clouds around at all, as you can see…

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I took a drive across to Walton on the Naze today. When I arrived it was completely overcast and starting to rain.

After a rather depressing walk along the pier…to find the end of the pier was closed I returned to the car to ponder my next move. Rather than go home I decided to take a chance and drive up to the Naze Tower, I figured I could always just sit in the car and watch the sea. I arrived to find the sun breaking through the clouds and a small rainbow making an appearance…the weather then just got better and better, clear blue skies and very mild.

If you are wondering – the title refers to the ship that the rainbow is over – from the Maersk line.

Just goes to show, never give in to the British weather!

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211/366 A Double Rainbow over Doctors Pond

Sunshine and showers sums this afternoon up well. We were enjoying the latest downpour when I realised that there was a great deal of sunlight so dashed upstairs and saw a double rainbow out of our landing window. The trouble was, it was chucking it down, but I thought, if I was careful I should be able to get to Doctors Pond to photograph it.

In the end I took a whole load of shots of the rainbow, getting wetter and wetter but hoping that I was keeping the lens reasonably dry. As it turned out, the very first shot had a great big splodge of water on it and it got worse and worse, so, it’s taken some cleaning up in post this evening 😉

Double Rainbow over Doctors Pond