Another frosty and foggy start this morning…everywhere was fairly unremittingly grey…until I reached the graveyard of all places, where this red watering can really did stand out. 

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Well, it is Thursday…

Rowney Woods was looking really nice today in its late autumn, early winter colours. I really couldn’t pick which image to choose for today’s picture so you get four…The main shot is of an area the Forestry Commission usually cut back once the bracken is past its best, I’m glad they haven’t this tear as the colour of the bracken really sets off nicely against the green of the moss.

This is the same area as the main image. The central main tree is the tree you see the trunk of in the main image.

Reflecting on Autumn

I’m a sucker for the silver birch shots, especially looking straight up from below…

Autumnal Silver Birch

…and when the sunlight catches them like this

Lighting up the Silver Birch

That was fabulous darling…do you mind if I smoke?

5 tomatoes in the fridge, perfect evening photo op…especially as the condensation kicked in after a few minutes.

A little bit of deliberate camera motion (dcm) today outside the Post Office. Rumour has it that the Dunmow Post Office may be closed down in cost cutting measures if one of the local shops can be persuaded to take on its counter. This is not a quiet Post Office (at least not when I go in) so I dread to think what will happen if this comes to pass.

Red,  Yellow, Green, these leaves just across the road from our house are showing off the colours of Autumn beautifully.

This wasn’t going to be tonight’s photo, but I didn’t like what I had…so, my new(ish) glasses…tri-focal don’t ya know. 

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Rooting around in the cupboards for something to photograph I found some old chillies, some chilli flakes, some cayenne pepper and some piemento. That’s enough to spice up anyones life!

I have to make a special effort to get the fish tank (that has never seen fish in it) down from the loft as the wife won’t have it sat around cluttering up the house on the off chance that i’ll get round to taking a shot like this. I always enjoy the process when I do get round to doing it! There’s some more shots after the break.

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