A had an early evening potter around Great Dunmow and got this shot of a tree bridging the River Chelmer.

The flowers Debbie received for her birthday are on their way out, Debbie thought inflicting some violence on them would be a good idea…she wanted the introduction of tomato ketchup as well…but I drew the line there πŸ˜‰

I popped over to Barling on the Essex coat this afternoon. Shortly after I got out of the car I saw this strange branch formation appearing our of a large pond – it was quite intriguing with its reflection duplicating the effect

I came back from America with this free gift…and that’s all I have for your today…but at least I have now caught up with posting my 365 images…so that’s good!

Tricky to publish a window or reflection shot, when you haven’t taken a shot that actually meets that criteria…so you just cheat! Good old photoshop!

It had got to 10 o’clock this evening and, for one reason and another, I hadn’t been able to get out with my camera so it was out with the some props to make a picture…and it (kind of) fits the reflection theme for this week (certainly fits the theme better that some of this weeks shots)!

Back on to the reflections theme – this is the mirror in the cemetery car park here in Dunmow that has been visited by the local vandals…works for me πŸ˜‰

Debbie and I have been visiting a few Stately Homes over the last few weeks and today we visited Woburn Abbey.

It has to be said, I’ve not been hugely impressed with the houses I’ve visited recently (with the exception of Hatfield House).

One of my pet peeves about these is the fact that you pay your money…but you are forced into the building via the tradesmans entrance round the back…and there is no access to view the front of the house (and even when you can see the front of the house some clown has parked a car right across the front of it!). Now I know people live here – but if you want my Β£15, then I want to see the front of the house as well as the back (even if it is as impressive as Woburn’s rear).

This was one of the best I could get of the front of Woburn…I have a slightly closer shot (from an angle) but I prefer this one for the reflections in the lake…the deer were very impressive, by the way.

Having been evicted from our home office by the wife earlier today I found myself working in our Dining Room. I was pondering a weighty problem when I noticed my reflection in the light fixture overhead. I liked the fact that it gave a 360Β° view of the room (including me, of course) and took the shot. What I hadn’t noticed at the time of shooting was the large amount of cobwebs that were up there around the fitting! Still, I like the shot – it’s a nice bit of fun.

Since I finished my 365 project (a new photograph made every day) I’ve noticed I’ve been slacking – I think of something to photograph and then carry on sitting watching the telly or come up with some other excuse why I shouldn’t go and make that new picture. So I’m considering starting another 365 project…

This shot was for our City and Guilds One shot challenge which was, as the title suggestedΒ  “Pointy or Curved”. I couldn’t figure out what to take and got the idea for this shot from a shot in my last 365 project.