I took a walk down to the Thames Barrier with my camera the other week and took this long exposure shot of Number 8, which is the second nearest barrier to the South shore. Featured is the black and white version but you can also see a colour version below.

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This stream/river used to feed the Tilty Mill which, whilst derelict, can still be found a little way down stream. The water is diverted away from the mill now. Lots more after the break. 

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A had an early evening potter around Great Dunmow and got this shot of a tree bridging the River Chelmer.

I visited the Boat Show at Excel today with work…there’s some money sloshing around that exhibition!

I popped out to catch sunset down the Thames towards Canary Wharf in a 5 image panorama.

We took a walk around Widdington near Saffron Walden today and came across this dried river bed. We have been here before and there is usually water flowing through here so it was nice to be able to step down into the river bed and take this picture.

When I was looking at this with a mind to publishing it I went off to Google to find the name of the river. It turns out that, accordingly to Google Maps at least, this is the River Cam…the same River Cam that all the students in Cambridge love to punt up and down ferrying tourists past the colleges. I was quite surprised.

On further investigation whilst Google are technically correct in their naming, locally this part of the river is known as the River Granta and is actually one of four tributaries of the River Cam.


The other side of Constable Country.

I finally found my way down onto the river bank/shoreline of the River Stour in Suffolk today. I had a failed attempt at finding this last week…you’d have thought it would be straight forward really – a big expanse of water…Anyhow, the tide was out and it looked…frankly…awful – this was definitely the best way to photograph it. I’ll look forward to returning here when the tide is in.

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After a very poor start to the day weather wise, with thunderstorms and torrential rain, this afternoon cleared up and we had beautiful sunshine.

I took a stroll across the Recreation Ground in Great Dunmow down to the River Chelmer where I scrambled up and down the banks to get some decent vantage points. This one saw me paddling around what is a quite chilly river at the moment…and the banks were very muddy and slippery from all the rain they had received this morning. Still, I got this shot, a shot I have tried to get before with varying degrees of success, clearly the best way to get this is to get into the river!

I took a stroll around Dunmow this afternoon/early evening. The forecast had said we’d have sunny spells all day…I don’t think we saw the sun at all…but it was nice and warm. I ended up down by the Rover Stort and grabbed the brackets for this HDR shot.

We were talked into joing English Heritage when we were last in Nothumberland, and I have to say, we worried whether we would get our monies worth. Well, I’ve been to Audley End about 4 times this year so far and I always find something new to look at. It is a lovely building and I was really pleased with how this panorama shot came out.