193/366 A Thunderstorm Approaches

It was lovely all morning as I sat in the office, so, come lunchtime I shot out to Roydon and the River Stort. As I rummaged about in the back getting my gear together I was aware of some pretty dark clouds in the vicinity so grabbed my brolly as well. I’d got about 5 minutes away from the car when an enormous clap of thunder sounded and the wind picked up. I grabbed this picture and dashed back to the car, narrowly avoiding a drenching.

10 minutes after I got back to the office the sun was out shining brightly again…

I processed this with the new Nik HDR Efex Pro 2 trial – looks pretty good on first impressions but takes a lot longer to process the files compared with photomatix.

Thunderstorm Approaches


104/366 Guarded

I returned to the scene of my recent soaking today, the weather was substantially better and I was to spend a happy hour marching up and down the Stort Navigation in my lunch hour.

This picture is of an arable field patrolled by some headless scarecrows…apparently the Canada Geese aren’t bothered too much by them settling down on the gentle slope for some sun bathing.



102/366 …and the rain fell.

I was a bit stupid today. I could see, very clearly that there was rain about, but there was also some great dramatic clouds around, so off I trotted at lunchtime down the River Stort Navigation. No coat, no brolly, no brains 😉

This shot is about 20 minutes walk away from the car and you can see the rain heading in…and I kept walking. A couple of minutes later the heavens opened and a downpour arrived. I arrived back at the car soaked to the skin…but strangely happy…odd!

The Stort Navigation, Roydon


Reflections of the River Stort

So, its back to a grey out again today…no sign of the sun after our little burst of spring over the last 2 days.

Here’s another one from my lunchtime stroll yesterday of the River Stort.

Reflections of the River Stort


The Tipping Point

Taken on the River Stort at Roydon near Harlow, you have to wonder how long this tree will last.

 tipping Point


075/366 – 82014 – A Barge on the River Stort at Roydon

Down the river from yesterdays photograph is Roydon which is where I nipped out at lunchtime today to capture this HDR photograph. We seem to have run into Summer again – I saw my first butterfly of the year here as well.

82104 A Barge on the River Stort at Roydon


Lock and moored long boats on the River Stort at Roydon

Continuing my walk down the River Stort at Roydon I came across this lock with a number of long boats lined up.

  Lock and long boats on the River Stort


054/366 Welcoming Summer…

A week or so ago we had snow and today summer arrived!

I popped out at lunch time and drove to Roydon to take a stroll along the river Stort. I was surprised to read my car temperature gauge at 17.5°. Walking back to the car later on a was surprised to find the sweat dripping from my forehead.

Obviously, that will be all the summer we see this year so I was glad to get out and enjoy it 😉

This was a nicely contoured field by the side of the river.

Summers Arrived...