It’s not Great is it?

I don’t hold the Town Council wholly responsible for this. They spend a lot of time clearing up after the selfish of Dunmow – just look at that rubbish…including in the Christmas Tree. No doubt this will all be cleared away first thing in the morning by the councils street cleaners.Β Credit where credit’s due – the High Street and Market Square look a lot better.

You do have to wonder about where the Town Square is though…it caused all sorts of uproar when it was originally sited here – outside the public toilets pretty much in a car park with a road running through it!

It’s not Great is it?


Sometimes I’ll take a risk, today that was one of those days, I took just two pictures…both were pretty rubbish…sorry about that πŸ˜‰


341/366 Amongst the Remote Controls

He’s not allowed on the coffee table, he’s a naughty boy…mind you, we could probably do with tiding it up a bit…

Amongst the Remote Controls