Kick The Door Down

There are some derelict stables in Little Canfield that I have visited before. I popped down there again today and captured this image. I was particularly taken with the pattern of the sunlight breaking in through the holes in the opposite wall.

Kick The Door Down

We’ve been a bit all over the place from the start of this blog – I promise we’ll start being a little more disciplined in the organisation of series of pictures so that you don’t have to leap from page to page to find all the posts from a series. Of course, you could try the categories drop down box – top right of the page, but that’s not a whole lot better organised!  The problem has been that I have an idea or picture for a series, and then another springs up in front of me, and then another…all of a sudden you end up with about 6 series all running together, as we have at the moment!

Anyhow – onwards:

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