SD Card

It had got to 10 o’clock this evening and, for one reason and another, I hadn’t been able to get out with my camera so it was out with the some props to make a picture…and it (kind of) fits the reflection theme for this week (certainly fits the theme better that some of this weeks shots)!

So, after some consideration we decided to go for an Audi this time round and got a new A1 – a whopping 7 miles on the clock and , no doubt, about £3k straight off its value as I drove it out the garage.

We’re really happy with it, I’m particularly happy with the stereo – which happily talks to my (new) Samsung Galaxy S2 (I’ve got all sorts of new toys to play with!) and plays all my music straight off there – no more CD’s cluttering up everything. It also takes 2 SD cards (I’ve already filled 1 slot with 32gb of music – it took all night to transfer from my external hard drive mind) ) and I’ve got the appropriate flex on order to connect my iPod Touch. Entertainment all the way!

It’s on board computer display will probably end up killing me as I examine my average speed, fuel consumption and how many miles I can go until I run out of petrol – I spend more time looking at that than at the road…

Despite having 300 less cc it still develops only 2 PS less than the Puma and it has a nice turn of speed – not quite as quick as the Quattro version which will apparently do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds! It’s quick enough for me though.

One issue – it’s not stopped raining since I got it and, being black, it’s filthy already.