I had a couple of pictures I wanted to go out and get last weekend of the lighthouse over at Dovercourt. It’s an hours drive away so I was not overly pleased to find the lighthouse surrounded in scaffolding…still, I’d got out and I have photoshop…so I got to it

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We took a walk around Walton on the Naze this afternoon on the Essex coast, We had some very pleasant October weather, and it only poured down on us once ;-).

And yes, I know the horizon is smack bang in the middle, thank you for noticing 😉

The Friday morning of the Rebellion festival in Blackpool found me down on the front looking for pictures for my 365…this has become something of a tradition when I go to this festival – up for breakfast at 9.00am and then a wander around Blackpool before returning to the Winter Gardens for more entertainment.

Today the weather was against me…absolutely flat grey…I had to work pretty hard to get the sky looking something like on this shot…

The weather forecast had been promising some lively weather over the weekend with the remains of a hurricane heading towards England…somewhere…there was no sign of it here.

I’m really enjoying black and white and long exposure photography at the moment. This shot combines the two and is of one of the old lighthouses at Dovercourt on the Essex coast.

I visited the Essex coast, Walton on the Naze to be precise, at the weekend specifically to take some long exposure shots. This shot is the reverse of that 😉 as I’m sure you can see, but I liked this shot as much for the sky as the sea. You can see the long exposure shots on my Flickr site here.