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I visited the Essex Seaside today, specifically, Walton on the Naze. I was particularly drawn to Walton for its pier – a nice long wooden one, albeit with a remarkably garish orange front area where the amusement park is. Now, I do understand mid December on a week day is not going to be peak time for such an attraction (one of the reasons I visited today), but there is something quite depressing about an amusement arcade that is bereft of…well…amused people.

In true British fashion, the good weather – light cloud and sunshine that was forecast –  just meant it wasn’t too cold and it didn’t rain…but was intensely grey.

Here’s a view of the pier looking back towards the town of Walton on the Naze.

Found at the end of Southwold Pier is this update on the traditional binoculars you get at the seaside. Southwold has many of the standard types of binoculars so you can stare out at the North Sea, but these were definitely much more popular!

A common sight on the North Sea coastline are groynes, ordinarily these are pretty old and derelict, but Aldeburgh have a set of nice new ones.