When in doubt as to what to do for the 365, rummage in the fridge!

Messing around in the back garden with a flash and a dandelion cloak. A really like the brightness of the seed heads in this shot.


247/366 The Seeds Cling On

I had no idea what I was going to photograph tonight. I took some shots of the cat, some shots of a dirty frying pan, the stars and the moon. Nothing was working so I decided to do the washing up and see if I could come up with anything then.

I was collecting up the veg peels and cuttings to put in the recycling when I spotted this cut up and discarded red pepper and knew immediately this was what I would be shooting tonight 😉

The Seeds Cling On


Finding subjects to photograph can be as easy as looking in the bin! This was some of  the discarded parts of the red peppers we had in our stir fry tonight – close up the seeds have a great texture.


208/366 Seeders

You may recall earlier in this project a couple of photographs of a foxglove growing in my garden. Well, this is the same foxglove today, it’s definitely gone to seed 😉



174/366 – Toasted Sesame Seeds

Friday’s are always a tricky day for the 365 project because we are in relax mode and tend to watch the telly (Game of Thrones on the Sky+ box – cracking!) more than I would normally. So, as usual, 10.30pm came along and I needed something to shoot.

We had spinach with our evening meal and my wife adds toasted sesame seeds to it, these are the ones that got away.

Toasted Sesame Seeds

Along with yesterdays bug photographs, I also photographed some dandelion heads. A bit cliched now, but for a good reason – they make good pictures. So here are two of mine

Dandelion Seed Head