Self Portrait

I take part in an occasional competition on Flickr called F64 Challenge, in this months competition I am currently 4th after two rounds. This rounds challenge is “Morning Light”. Over the last couple of weeks we’ve basically had pretty flat grey morning light outside, and besides…I’m not getting up at 5 in the morning on the off chance 😉 So, here is my interpretation of the challenge…let’s see how we do 😉

Poured down all day here…so time for a selfy 😉


279/366 Asymmetric Me

They do say that if you are asymmetrical you will be more attractive… So, I thought I’d give it a test and here you have Asymmetric Me!

Can you tell which the real me is and which are the faces made up of just the left half of my face and which is just the right half of my face?

Asymmetric Me

It’s kind of freaky 😉


064/366 It’s Me!

Some people do a 365 project just of self-portraits – I’m in awe of these people – how you can come up with so many different pictures of yourself is beyond me.

I’m not a big fan of self-portraits of me…age is not kind and I always look even greyer and more tired than I actually am, however, I did quite like this one (without being too narcissistic).

it's Me