This is one of those shots that needs to be taken again…but next time it needs to be done right…a number of school boy errors, but the worst one was taking everything down and putting it all away before checking the photograph was OK.

There has already been too much fixing done on this photo…and a lot more needs to be done. In the end I decided I would keep this version for the moment and update with a “proper” version later on.

This shot basically laid the ground work for the images that were to follow through this next week…

The first frost of this Autumn this morning, it made a pleasant change from the unseasonally warm weather we have had over the last few weeks.

Even a plug hole drainer can be used to produce an image…

Another day where I have not had the opportunity to get out and take a picture, to be fair, I have been finding this change quite liberating…all the “landscape” shots were becoming a bit samey so I’m please to be looking at a change of pace indoors.

Today continues my work with light and kitchen utensils ala Jan Groover…any chance I could sell these for silly money 😉

Following on from my previous forks and shadows photograph I thought I’d have a go a spoons this time. Not as interesting as the forks shot, but I enjoy the simplicity of these pictures.

A busy day at work meant no lunchbreak and then poor weather prevented a quick run out on the way home…so I dug the forks out, which I haven’t done for a while. It was quite restful setting them up to produce this shadow pattern…simply satisfying.