This stream/river used to feed the Tilty Mill which, whilst derelict, can still be found a little way down stream. The water is diverted away from the mill now. Lots more after the break. 

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092/366 Watching…A Ewe and her lambs.

This old girl had clearly had a long hard night, she had 4 lambs suckling and they looked (to this very untrained eye) very new born. They watched me closely as I passed by…

Watching...A ewe and her lambs



The sheep have been brought down for lambing – there were loads around when we walked through Matching yesterday…

Matching Sheep


084/366 Sheep!

We took a walk around Matching in Essex today. The local farmer had brought his sheep down, presumably, for lambing. There was hundreds of them, all various and slightly frightened in equal degrees. Once you’d walked past them they’d follow you in a slightly sinister manner 😉