I have a lot of pictures to process and then publish from the last week…but here is today’s…a bit of light painting

I popped back to the scene of a photo I took earlier this week. The tide, which I thought was going out, was a lot higher than last time I was here so I couldn’t get round the fallen tree. I didn’t mind, as this turned out to be just as interesting a picture.

I used my Hitech 10 stop filter, but really enjoyed the blue cast that I got SOCC so kept it, correcting the colour only in the bottom corner for the sand.

After the break, hear how I managed to get cut off by the tide…

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187/366 New Shoes…

We had the 2nd meeting of the Dunmow Photography Club this evening. Everyone brought in a few pictures based around the colour red and the rest of the group critiqued them. My new D800 caused plenty of interest. I took a shot of the leader of the group specifically for today’s picture, but missed the focus – I’m used to having 3 focus points on my old and trusty D60. The D800 camera comes with something like 56! Anyhow, I used this ability to focus today’s photograph.

I bought a new pair of Vans trainers the other week, I’m hoping I don’t destroy these as quickly as I did my last pair of Fred Perry shoes 😉 This was shot with the 50mm f1.4 lens which I am just loving 😉

New Shoes