I was considering holding onto these as “emergency” subjects for my forthcoming second 365 project. If I’m honest I knew pretty early on this year that I had made a mistake stopping my daily photography once I had completed my 366 project at the end of last year. To be fair, there have not been that many days when I haven’t used my camera this year, but I have totally got out of the habit of updating my blogs every day (or week as it became this year).

So, these pheasant feathers and shot gun cartridges were going to be used next year, but I really fancied doing a little bit of light painting so, out they came and this is what I got.



248/366 There’s been a murder…

Jelly Baby shot down in drive by shooting…

I have no idea why this idea came to me on the way home from Camera Club tonight, but I had nothing and this just popped into my head so I had to pop into Tesco’s and pick up some (very expensive) Jelly Babies.

The witnesses have now been eaten…and boy, were they tasty 😉

There's been a murder