Another shot grabbed from a quick run out at lunchtime – I managed to dodge the showers…just about, to grab this view from the top of the hill at Flatford…I’m looking forward to seeing this again in better weather.

It’s been a wet and dreary day today so it was a case of nipping out into the garden between the showers and grabbing what was available.

I ended up with a selection of garden snail macro shots which I quite enjoyed. This fella was having a snooze on a plant pot when I rudely awoke him and plonked him down on some moss and insisted he perform for me…he did at least mooch around unlike some of his friends who steadfastly refused to come out of their shells.

Portrait of a Snail - Cornu aspersum

The weather has been…changeable the last few days and the next few days look as though they will continue this pattern. So, when in doubt, I nip out to Doctors Pond for the daily photo…the sky tells you all you need to know 😉


A break in the April Showers in Dunmow

Sunshine and showers here in Dunmow at the moment so here’s a quick photograph of Doctors Pond looking towards North Street.

A break in the April Showers at Doctors Pond, Dunmow




It’s here, after our Indian Summer the other week the temperatures have dropped and, as I sit here typing, there is a strong wind blowing outside rustling the dying leaves so it seems appropriate to post the following image taken today.

I’d like to say how I was down by the river and saw this leaf floating over pebbles, sadly I found it in the dustbin at the bottom of our garden in Dunmow which had water in it from the weekend’s showers. I took it out and put it down on the pebbles we have in our back garden – easier maintenance than grass 😉

So, the secrets out!