These aerials were full of starlings until they spotted me, then there was a mass exodus…these three returned though

Something simple today after quite a few busy HDR and macro shots. A silhouette of some of the houses on my street with the moon coming up behind them.

The Bishops Stortford Camera Club congregated around the lake at Hatfield Forest this evening to photograph the sunset. It was a beautiful evening…but the severe lack of any clouds meant a very lacklustre sunset. Nevermind when a large group of photographers gather in one place you’ll always be able to get this sort of shot!

This jackdaw has taken to visiting our bird table but absolutely refuses to have his photograph taken in any conventional manner so I had to accept this was the best I was going to get of him today.

A word I can very rarely spell…

So after the sunset mentioned below I got some great silhouettes of some of the trees on the walk back to the car…We will get to the actual sunset bit eventually!

Following up from yesterday’s image of the silhouetted gull, by chance I captured these 2 pictures of a passing raven today:

I’m delighted to report that he wasn’t flying in circles 😉

The Broken Raven 2