That was fabulous darling…do you mind if I smoke?


354/366 The Ghost

I’ve been playing with fire today…well, smoke. As usual this wasn’t what I was going for but enjoyed making it nonetheless. He’s a little pot bellied fella with a gaping mouth!

The Ghost


Smoke…gets in your eyes

I have been experimenting with smoke this last week. This one looks (to me, at least) like some kind of tube man:

Smoke Man


030/366 Smoke Seahorse

I’ve been wanting to try smoke photography for a while now but hadn’t been anywhere that sells those joss sticks…and then found we had a whole bunch of incense sticks already in the house. So off to work I went.

Now – I’m sure this looks like a seahorse…what do you think (click the image to get a better view)?

Smoke Seahorse