My first attempt at light painting on a larger scale. This is the Shell House in Hatfield Forest.

This Canadian goose demonstrates the excellent insulating properties of a feathery down ;-).

Taken on Doctors Pond in Great Dunmow, Essex

The snow we were all promised didn’t really materialise overnight. What little we had is shown here on a rather frozen Doctors Pond.


340/366 Out the Bathroom Window – First Snow of Winter

We were surprised, as I think everyone was, to wake up this morning and find the world was white. No indication had been given the night before on the forecast that this was on the way, still, it meant I won’t be scrabbling around at 11.45pm tonight trying to work out what to take for today’s photograph.

Out The Bathroom Window - Snow


Great Dunmow Parish Church in the Snow

Sticking with the recent snow – here’s a shot of St Mary’s in Great Dunmow first thing in the morning after the snowfall.

St Marys Parish Church, Great Dunmow in the snow


Where’s my Breakfast?

Marching around Dunmow after the snow fall a couple of Sunday’s ago I spotted this character searching out his breakfast:

Where's my Breakfast?


Snow in Rowney Woods

This shot was from last Saturday in Rowney Woods. Snow was still deep through the open rides of the wood and it was clear that not that many people had been through the woods in the last few days…no doubt, because of the snow.

Rowney Woods in the Snow


Pylons in the snow

We’ve not had any pylons for a while – so here are some from earlier today on the edge of Rowney Woods 😉

Winter Pylons in the snow


042/366 Walking in a Winter Wonderland

We went for a walk today in our favourite woods. Rowney Woods are about 8 miles from where we live in Great Dunmow and we had them to ourselves today.

We regularly see deer here – today we only saw their tracks in and out of the woods.

Walking in a winter wonderland


More snow in Dunmow

As it has started snowing again this evening I thought I’d publish another of my photos from last Sunday.

This is of the River Chelmer which flows through Great Dunmow on its way, unsurprisingly, to Chelmsford and then on East.

The River Chelmer in the snow as it flows through Great Dunmow