I was up and about early this morning on my walk around Dunmow with my little Sony A6000 which I use when I want to keep the weight down. Whilst it wasn’t a particularly nice morning, a bit drizzly and heavy cloud cover I was happily clicking away, I got more shots of the local Dunnocks, some more Blackbirds and an interesting silhouette of 3 crows that I thought might make a decent image.

This evening when I came to add the pictures onto the computer I opened up the camera to retrieve the SD card and…there was no SD card…it was already in the computer…and had been since last night…sigh!! Why doesn’t a load claxon sound when you try and take a picture on the Sony without a SD card, rather than that flashing “NO CARD” warning that comes up 😉

Fortunately I had been summoned during the day to take some more shots of some of Debbie’s products…so not the intended shot, but a shot nonetheless. As always you can purchase this item on Debbie’s The Crimson Rabbit store by clicking here.

So my business trip to America is now but a distant memory. Despite having very little free time I do feel I managed to pack a lot into my 6 days away (1 full day of which was travelling of course). I was only able to take my Sony NEX7 becasue of luggage constraints, but as usual, it didn’t let me down! The pictures that follow are a mix of mobile phone (Samsung Alpha) and NEX7 shots.

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My Sony NEX7 and a bit of light painting

I had to pop out to the Post Office this morning and it was such a beautiful morning that I grabbed a few shots of Doctors Pond on my way back. This is a 3 shot HDR taken on my Sony NEX7 and processed using photomatix, lightroom, photoshop, with a bit of Nik Colour Efex Pro thrown in for good measure 😉

I was in London for some meetings today and grabbed today’s picture as I made my way to one of them. I do enjoy these vertical shots of buildings and had intended to make this a black and white shot, however, leaving this with its blue colour cast looked far better than the black and white conversion so I left it colour. It’s tricky photographing vertically up in the pouring rain, fortunately I was using my little Sony NEX7 and the glass isn’t as wide and therefore not as likely to get a large drop of rain landing on it…and a little luck helps.

I liked the pattern of lights on the building to the right – it reminded me of morse code, hence the title.


262/366 Those Wheels Keep Turning

Another shot of the old Sony Walkman showing some of the internal workings.

Those Wheels Keep Turning


257/366 Maybe I misled you…

So, yesterday’s picture. My mate Dave mentioned that it looked like my old 25 year old Walkman looked pristine in yesterday’s photograph. Now, I must admit , I was trying to give it a clean look, but perhaps I went too far 😉 The player does still power up when you press play but after I had photographed it yesterday it basically disintegrated in my hands…not helped by the fact that someone (me) had, at some point in the past, removed pretty much all the screws to ensure complete collapse when opened 😉

Here’s a more representative picture…this may have been grunged up a bit!

Bust Sony Walkman WM-51


256/366 25 Years Old, My First Sony Walkman

This is my Sony Walkman WM-51 that I bought in 1987. I can quite clearly remember buying it in the Electronics section of Lewis’ on the Headrow in Leeds (long gone now). It was the first Sony Walkman I ever owned, I’d had numerous cheap Aiwa and the like lookalikes before but this was the real McCoy. I have a memory of it costing £100 and it was the first thing I ever bought on credit – paying £15 a month for it over 6 months…

It was my pride and joy. It came with built in headphones (as well as an extra headphone socket) the wires of which wound into the body, but most impressive of all, it came with a rechargeable battery so the cost of replacement batteries was immediately removed (it could also be powered by a single HP7 (AA in today’s money) battery if necessary).

Remarkably the motor still runs on it, unfortunately the “rubber” band that makes all the bits and pieces rotate has clearly given up the ghost so it won’t play any more, though I suspect if I got that fixed it would still work well…I certainly used it constantly for at least 10 years before I replaced it with a Sony mini disc (which I still have somewhere).

Sony Walkman WM-51