Every year we have an evening of burning wire wool and creating spark pictures with the Bishop’s Stortford Camera Club. I saw this treatment pretty quickly because it reminded me of The Specials AKA 7″ cover for their single The Boiler…

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Another evening spent playing with wire wool and sparks with the Bishops Stortford Camera Club. It causes great consternation to the local dog walkers and horse riders who come across a large group of people with cameras on tripods apparently trying to set fire to a bridge 😉

It was the first night of the summer program for the Bishops Stortford Camera Club tonight. We visited some woods by Perry Green where there have been plenty of bluebells, however the vast majority are well past their best so we made do with Brian setting himself on fire as a prelude to next weeks sparks evening.


226/366 Sparking Up

The wife and I gave up smoking 8½ years ago but strangely still have various bits of smoking paraphernalia dotted around the house, including this lighter:

Sparking Up

Please do click the image to get a bigger version so you can see all the sparking goodness!


143/366 Sparks

The Camera Club Summer Programme gets better and better. Tonight, in the lovely balmy late Spring weather, the Bishops Stortford Camera Club gathered under a bridge on the Flitch Way in Takeley…and tried to set fire to it 😉

OK – all was perfectly safe and the only thing that was going to get burnt was our intrepid leader and instructor Brian who was spinning the wire wool! We were even visited by a number of bats and a deer…great evening!