Of course, he wasn’t…but nor was he going to give his position away by moving..

From this mornings walk…he was a very busy squirrel!


I went on the Kelby Worldwide Photowalk today (my 5th) and visited Colchester, somewhere I’ve driven past many times but never stopped in before. Overall a pretty disappointing town and nowhere near as historically interesting as I thought it would be. Still, I had an enjoyable walk with some of the Bishops Stortford Camera Club who organised and went along as well.

The castle grounds were overrun with squirrels gathering nuts for the winter and I spent an enjoyable half hour watching and photographing them before it was time to go home.

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Rats with good PR, as someone once described them to me. I actually like squirrels and there are plenty in Hatfield Forest at the moment. There are more shots of some of the wildlife in Hatfield Forest below.

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021/366 Squirrel!

This little chap was roaming around Hanningfield Reservoir today. Many people think they are pests but I always enjoy seeing them – they do get everywhere though – you can see this picture of a squirrel that I took right in the middle of London earlier this year.

This chap had plenty of mates around and they were all dashing round digging up their stored provisions for a good feast.

Squirrel in Hannigfield Resevoir

When walking around the countryside in Essex you periodically see a flash of grey as a squirrel zips up a tree, very rarely do you get an easy picture out of them. Not so this little fella just outside London’s City Hall.

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