St Pauls


Sunset at St Paul’s Cathedral, London

Lovely sunset at St Paul’s on Sunday

Sunset ay St Paul's Cathedral, London

Two for the price of one, combining 2 of probably the top 10 most photographed structures in London.

When I got home from London on Sunday I transferred all my images to my computer and discovered I made quite a blunder. I’d shot the whole day in ISO800. What that means is the camera produces a lot more noise (think graininess) on your pictures. Combine that with the fact that I was shooting HDR – combining 5 shots into 1, the noise just built and built. I use a plug-in recommended by pro photographer and all round top guy Trey Ratcliffe (check out his pictures – they are out of this world…) – and it really did the trick. So – if you are looking for some decent noise reduction check out Imagenomic.