Along with the leather jacker were some old beer bottles. Just like the leather jacket the local spiders had taken a liking to these as well.

Continuing my investigation of the stables at Little Canfield I came across this leather jacket:

It reminded me of my own black leather jacket, very similar to this that was my pride and joy as a teenager – it protected me from a severe kicking from a lunatic and kept me surprisingly warm in the cold. I finally swapped it for one of those “designer” style leather jackets with a friend – a bad move – I know who got the best out of that deal!

Back to some dereliction…

Heading out of Great Dunmow towards Stansted you come across a small village called Little Canfield. There’s a lot of new build housing going up here and all the way across to Takeley, but, clinging on at the edge of the development are these derelict stables.

Derelict buildings always benefit from being shot in HDR so you don’t get a load of blown highlights and here was no exception.