Street Art


Street Art by Don

Wandering around the Old Street/Shoreditch area of London you’ll see a lot of work by Don – this is one such piece. It’s very clear that street art no longer only includes “graffiti” but art work like this pops up all over the place.


End of the Line

Loved this stencil graffiti/street art I saw in Shoreditch, London the other week;

End of the Line


Oh No – I missed a day!

Slapped wrists all round as I failed to post a new image yesterday. Of course, I posted a new shot on my 366 project pages, so I don’t feel too bad.

So, for today we’ll pop back again to last Saturday and the 2 photowalks around some of the less well known areas of London.

Shoreditch and Old Street have a large amount of street art scattered around, keep your eyes open and you’re sure to find something like this:

Street art in London

 This is a piece by the artist Phlegm.


Street Art in London

On Saturday I completed two street walks in London. The second walk was specifically to look at some of the street art around the Old Street area, including some of Banksy’s work. In the morning though we were at Broadway Market and, at the end of the street was this example of street art. I have no idea who it is buy but it was great to see.

Street art at Broadway Market, London