This is the headstock of my very old, but trusty Fender Stratocaster that I used to “…make them cry or sing” when I played Dire Straits “Sultans of Swing” live in a pub in Leeds (when I say Leeds I mean out in the sticks in the back of beyond!).

The guitar was “given” to me by the band’s keyboard player and singer Les who owned the local video library…so now I’m dating it! Of course, it was the audience who were tending to cry when we played this fine song…we had a “get ’em off” tray that used to circulate while we played. We always said, if we raised £400 we’d stop playing…the band played on, we weren’t that bad!


289/366 Make their ears bleed Max!

So, today I finished off my 4,000 word assignment for my Marketing diploma and followed that up with completing my City and Guilds homework and then attended the City & Guilds class in the evening…so I didn’t get a whole lot of time for actual photography.

I had to choose the theme for this weeks one shot challenge – so I chose “music”, this one didn’t make the grade 😉

The title, by the way, is from a live version of London Lady by The Stranglers where JJ Burnel gives this instruction before Hugh Cornwell’s guitar solo, Max is Max Bisgrove, the sound engineer.

Make their ears bleed Max


073/366 – E

This is the E string and nut on my Fender Bass. The only guitar of mine I have left to photograph is my Mandolin – I nearly did it yesterday, but it needs a good clean and completely re-stringing which will take a while. Fortunately, none of my other guitars have been included in my 366 project – they make a good emergency fall back 😉

The E string on my Fender bass