It’s poppy time!

See the top left in this picture – that colour is not the sun (well, at least the sun isn’t there, the sun’s somewhere to the left off the picture at around the roof line height) it’s some interesting defraction going on – that’s what I was trying to capture, along with the lovely cloud formation. I’d have probably got a better composition if I hadn’t been hanging out of the window trying to shoot it ūüėČ

According to a follower on Flickr this is a sundog – from Wikipedia – “A¬†sun dog¬†(or¬†sundog),¬†mock sun¬†or¬†phantom sun,¬†scientific name¬†parhelion¬†(plural¬†parhelia), is an¬†atmospheric phenomenon¬†that creates bright spots of light in the sky, often on a luminous ring or¬†halo¬†on either side of the¬†sun.

The sun was just breaking through as we approached Rowney Woods giving us those great sun beams…big sky as well!

You know we have inadvertently fallen for the charms of the pylon – just check out this previous pylon post and this previous pylon post. Of course, the real subject of the following photographs weren’t the pylons, it was the electrified tree found slap bang in the middle…honest.

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This kind of reminds me of the start of Doctor Who – not so much the new series, but the old series when Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker played the Doctor. That swirling vortex with the renowned theme tune thundering behind it…or am I just a bit odd?