This was all a bit of a dogs dinner…but I ended up quite liking this abstract shot of the view through the car window in Tesco’s car park!

Christmas is coming and last year I missed out on nuts…couldn’t believe our local Tesco’s sold out about two weeks before Christmas last year and never got anymore in…this year I bought early and I bought big! Here’s a tasty walnut that I enjoyed moments after this photograph was taken! There’ll probably be none left for Christmas!

Tuesday’s are always tricky for the daily photograph, especially at this time of year, get up in the dark, drive to work in  the driving rain, try to pop out at lunchtime, but its chucking it down, drive home in the dark and then go to camera club in the evening…where, of course, you rarely take your camera 😉

On my way home I had the idea of taking another (more) minimalist shot of a polo. So, popped into Tesco’s on the way home from camera club and, once I had found them, bought some Polos….broke out the macro lens when I got home and voila as I never say 😉


299/366 You’re all nuts!

Wandering through Tesco’s this evening wondering what I could photograph I spotted the Christmas nuts and remembered that my wife gave me (amongst many other things) a nut cracker set last Christmas. When I wanted to get some nuts from Tesco’s last Boxing Day so I could use my Christmas gift, of course, they didn’t have any having moved onto Easter Eggs 😉 To be fair, it’s pretty daft that we have so much Christmas stock in our supermarkets already…and it’s all been there a good month or so already…nuts!

You're all nuts