Despite dire warnings of cold weather and rain today, we ventured out in the morning and visited, for the first time in a long while, West Wood, just outside Thaxted. It was a lovely, bright mild morning…thanks weather forecasters! Lots of new growth was everywhere including the common spotted orchids that abound here. They are still a little young at the moment so today’s picture is of some new Forget Me Not’s that are starting to emerge.

The forecast suggested that we might have a rather nice sunset this evening so I packed up my kit and headed over to Thaxted and an area of the edge of the town that has recently been cleared of a lot of hedges opening up the view of the church and windmill…Issues I had

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I don’t know why, but this makes me think of Christmas.

I took just one photo today…this was it!

We had a walk in West Wood just outside Thaxted  this afternoon. The original shot was OK but lacked a proper subject so…who could resist a steel rhino?

I took a very similar photograph to this earlier this year when there were no leaves on the trees. Interesting how there is a very defined gap around the middle tree.

This was taken in West Wood just outside Thaxted. If you want to see common spotted orchids there are literally hundreds in bloom throughout the woods – I’ve never seen so many in one place.

Walking through West Wood just outside Thaxted this afternoon we saw plenty of Cuckoo Spit. Inside this, apparently, is a froghopper nymph.

The bluebells are well and truly out in Essex now. These were taken in a small wooded area around Quendon this afternoon.

A few more picks after the break…

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I’ll sometimes go out with a very particular idea of what sort of picture I want to create. I don’t always achieve what I’m looking for, but when it comes off I do feel such pleasure in the final image.

This is one such shot, a long exposure black and white shot of the John Webb Windmill at Thaxted…just what I had envisaged before leaving to take the picture.

Finally, wild spring flowers have started appearing all over the place. These are Anemone nemorosa, or, if you prefer, wood anemone in West Wood, just outside Thaxted in Essex.