The Skints

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The final run through…until tomorrow when I start my 366 tunes of the day – a new day a new tune…all year…come back and see how it goes and if I can keep churning out new (and old) tunes for you…now – on to the Top 5!

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One of the bands I have followed for the last few years (including being thanked on the sleeve notes of their 2nd album) are The Skints. I’ve seen them many times live and will hopefully be seeing them on their forthcoming tour (especially as they are being supported by the rather marvelous Hollie Cook). The last time I saw them live was at the Koko in London – here are a few of my pictures from that concert. Whilst you are looking at those you can have a listen/watch of their latest video which is from their forthcoming album (out on Monday) called FM…I’m really looking forward to it.

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068/366 – The Skints – Part and Parcel

You may recall a couple of days ago I mentioned the new Skints CD Part and Parcel – well, the CD arrived today in all it’s glory. I’ve already nearly worn out the digital copy I got ;-). It really is superb, but you don’t just have to take my word for it – there’s an online review at Rock Reviews 24/7 here.

Anyway in celebration I thought I’d photograph my (signed, of course) copy.

The Skints - Part and Parcel

Oh, and just to show off – I got my name in the Thanks section thanks to the pledge system – you have no idea how ridiculously happy that made me 😉

Name in Lights


065/366 – 1, 2, 3, 4

This was tricky, and as always with these things I ended up picking a shot from right at the beginning of shooting this, having finally taken about 200 shots.

The winner was shot at 800 iso with a desk lamp shining straight into the dice to try and keep the shutter speed up. I tried it with flash only and flash + the lamp and got some shots with both die sharp, but I felt this one achieved more of what I was looking for.

I also liked the title this shot lended itself too as I have spent the day listening to The Skints new album “Part and Parcel” – and I’m name checked in the Thanks section of the CD booklet which is beyond cool 😉 If you like reggae and ska check it out – highly recommended!